Intelligent Machines

When we discuss intelligent machines, the primary thing that typically shows up in our brain is robots. Without a doubt, robots have been made to replace task done by human including repetitive and several sets of works, for cases pick-and-place operations in assembling plants. However, robots that are worked in light of a customized way and in a completely controlled condition are not considered as intelligent machines. Such robots will effectively come up short when the application and additionally the earth contain some indeterminate condition. To be considered as an astute machine, the machine must have the capacity to connect with its condition independently. Cooperating with nature includes both gaining from it and adjusting to its progressions. This trademark separates typical machines from intelligent ones. As such, an ordinary machine has a particular customized set of assignments in which it will execute in like manner. Then again, an intelligent machine has an objective to accomplish, and it is furnished with a learning component to help understand the desired objective.

  • Robot Manipulators: Trends and Development
  • Humanoid Robot
  • Cognitive computing
  • Advanced computer program
  • Medical micro-robot project

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